What we do:


In partnership with university researchers, we fund, conduct and publish original, large-scale studies to find the most impactful lessons people wish they’d known sooner. We focus on parts of life that are woefully understudied.


In our analysis of thousands of interviews and survey responses, we uncover prevalent life journeys and inflection points on those journeys - what lessons really change things for the better for different people? What ingenious techniques and strategies do people discover that catapult them forward?


In addition to publishing academic papers, we turn the research findings into engaging, welcoming content. It’s designed to simultaneously inoculate against the feeling of being alone, while giving users a sense of possibility, optimism and agency. Never didactic, always refreshingly honest.


In partnership with researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, we conduct studies to measure how effectively our content moves our users forward on key metrics. Then we refine our processes to become more and more impactful.