We Are Growing - We are looking for:

Product Manager - this person has at least 3 years experience as a product manager (not project manager) working on or running a product team. They have a history of shipping quality products in a fast-paced environment. They’ll work with exploratory qualitative researchers, mock up concepts for pages, features and UI, write specs, write copy and do whatever it takes to ship their products. They're flexible, can deal with change and are ready and eager to have their theories proved wrong by research. They’re obsessed with customers, talking to them, surveying them, validating your ideas with feedback and data. They work to ensure that the customer is infused in everything they do. They can communicate and motivate across engineers, designers, marketers and customer support. They’re used to managing up and taking on institutional learnings as well as managing down and including others in workshops and brainstorms. They’re ready to put their amazing talent and ambition into a project that truly improves people's lives and makes an impact.


Content Strategist - this person is a hybrid copywriter and strategist with at least 3 years experience running content strategy at a company.  This person does not just plan strategy and manage others but actually writes and executes (and loves doing so!). They have experience with different forms of content from social media posts to blog posts to longer-form white papers.  Our company has a deep film/video library from all of the shoots and interviews we conduct - so this person should be adept at finding the right clips and bits of video that would combine well into social post and landing page content. They understand marketing funnels beyond the hard-sell landing pages that are justifiably hated by almost everyone. They want to use their skills for good and have their work truly improve people's lives and make an impact.


Marketing Manager - this person has at least 3 years experience as a client-side marketing manager.  They love strategy but also love to produce and actually execute, not just oversee others who execute.  We have designers and developers to polish and build, but we need this marketing manager to be a maker who mocks up landing pages rather than just making diagrams with slots of things for others to make. They may have come from a field-marketing or other hands-on, small, lean marketing team where they’ve had to wear lots of hats, making bespoke ads and landing pages for different segmented audiences.  They love testing, analytics, funnel optimization and performance marketing but also understand brand and don’t just follow the money/clicks/ROI into the land of popups and clickbait. Bonus points if they’re wise in the ways of Facebook Ads Manager and Google Adwords.  They want to use their skills, passion and ambition for good, working toward a product that truly improves people's lives and makes an impact.


Copywriter - this person is a master at short, concise, descriptive web copy. They have at least 3 years experience as a copywriter at an agency or client company. They know how to take and internalize feedback. They have experience in short, quippy social media post copywriting and how to generate clicks without being click-baity. They also write longer form copy that’s so fun to read, it doesn’t matter the topic, people just want to keep reading. They know how to write for audiences far different than themselves and shift between writing genres and contexts.


Research Manager - this person has at least 3 years of experience designing, creating, fielding and analyzing Typeform and Qualtrics surveys. They’re a master at writing open-end questions to get just the right kinds of responses. They’re fluent in skip-logic and survey blocks.  They’re meticulous about QAing surveys and finding all the bugs before fielding. They know how to talk to and herd professors and other academics.  They love to conduct research literature reviews and nerd out on new research approaches.  Bonus points if they come from a positive psychology or other non-problem-based background or are ready to leave the problem/risk/dysfunction-based model of health research behind them.


Ux Designer and Visual Designer - this person has 3+ years of experience, knows photoshop or sketch intimately and has some experience with with illustration. They know responsive web design and understand breakpoints, mobile-first design and usability. They have a pixel perfect attention to detail. They have an eye for photography and can select and color assets as needed to complete their designs. They’re highly generative and quickly produce lots of versions with variation and they can internalize feedback to improve on their designs.

Experienced Documentary Editor - this person has at least 5 years experience creating and editing documentary style films/videos. They’re highly generative of new ideas and storylines.  They have experience working with large amounts of unscripted footage to convey detailed/clear stories. They are looking for a full-time position to join us in our Berkeley office. Post-Producing experience is a bonus.

Social Media Video Editor - this person has at least 3 years experience making videos specifically in the text-on-image Facebook/Instagram genre that assumes the user has their sound off and is scrolling through posts.  They’re highly generative of new ideas and pitches.  They love searching for source footage to make the point perfectly.  They can take and internalize feedback - and are ready to put their amazing talent and ambition into a project and company that truly improves people's lives and makes an impact.